Make Yourself Great | Books! | The Alchemist

alchemistIn our upcoming interview with Elsie Swann (aka Boog Brown, an artist and musician based out of Atlanta), she recommends the classic story, The Alchemist:

“I recommend the book The Alchemist. Santiago was doing whatever he could. He went through so many changes – there were so many ups and downs and twists and turns. Here we are in life – we can go all the way negative, we can go all the way positive, we can stay right in the middle. We can try to gain a better understanding.  It tells you that story in such a simplistic, easy-going way.”

The Alchemist, originally published in 1993 by beloved Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho, tells the story of a shepherd boy named Santiago. Santiago has huge dreams of seeing the world and gaining success, which takes him on a journey from Spain to Morocco to Egypt and back. An easy read, this story manages to impart amazing life lessons in the form of a simple fable.

You can purchase the 25th Anniversary edition of The Alchemist in a variety of forms on Amazon. Not a big reader? This is a great book to jump you into the world of audio-books, perfect for commutes and workouts.


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