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This is me not writing my book.

You wouldn’t know how much I truly enjoy the craft of writing by how much I put it off. The next 7,000 words – chapters three and four – of my book manuscript are due on Tuesday. My intention was to start on them this past Tuesday. It is now Saturday morning. I have not started.

Instead, I have

  • finished my third time through of watching all seven Gilmore Girls seasons (hey, gotta get ready for A Year in the Life, right? Also, Rory and Michelle Obama!?)
  • found out (again) that the Amazon Prime movie list is the literal worst. But spent a lot of time browsing through anyway.
  • watched Man Up, The Giver, and Everybody’s Fine. Of those, I think Man Up was probably the best one. The Giver was like the book – you have to keep watching/reading to know what happens but it’s actually a kind of boring story (I know, sue me). Everybody’s Fine was DeNiro being type-cast as a gruff guy getting old and softer. Still a decent movie, though
  • done A LOT of laundry. Who knew writing a book would be good for my formerly not-at-all-present regular laundry habits?
  • purposely stayed late at work. If you know me, you know I DO NOT do this. As much as I like my work at JDRF, I never, ever, ever stay late at any 9-5. It’s a boundaries thing for me. Okay, it WAS a boundaries thing for me.
  • tested out new skin care and makeup routines. Straightened my hair. Curled my hair. Straightened my hair again. Deep conditioned my hair. Curled my hair again.
  • called my mom (I’m really bad about calling my mom).
  • went to Target, my fave, just to try on clothes. Again, not me at all. The “just trying on clothes” thing didn’t work. Like my new outfit? 🙂

Dress from Target

Right, so all said and done, this is me checking in to tell you, purely, that I have not been writing what I’m supposed to be writing. And would legitimately like to be writing, because I enjoy my subject – being an overachiever while living with chronic disease – and I like the process of putting words together. But I wrote this, so there’s that!

… yes I’m going to actually WRITE write now.


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