My book is here!

My first book Beyond Powerful published this morning (go get it! It’s free right now, but not for long!). I wanted to share a few things with you on this big day!

1) I didn’t curse in my book (publisher’s rules) but I do curse in real life. You’ve been warned.

2) I’m humbled that I got to write something so personal and that now I get to share it with you all. This book, at its core, is about having an innate need to do the things we want to do while living with chronic illness and figuring out exactly how, but I’ve gotten such amazing feedback from my advance reader crew that everyone found value in it, and that means so much to me.

3) I also feel incredibly lucky that this was something I could turn to, something creative I could pour myself into, as I was incredibly sick over this past summer. It gave me something to focus on beyond my work with JDRF – something that, when I couldn’t leave my house because of pain or fatigue or whatever else, I could disappear into. The irony is also not lost on me that the lessons I wrote in this book proved to be highly needed reminders to myself throughout the process.

4) Everyone’s experience of being ill is different and I get that. I 100% get that I’m actually really lucky to have my particular mix of health stuff, when it comes down to it. I have a treatable chronic illness. It is not terminal. Medicine and my care has gotten to the point where it probably won’t abbreviate my life and won’t take basic human experiences from me. I’m super thankful for that. For everyone else working through whatever deck of cards you’ve been dealt, know that you are so fucking strong. I cannot emphasize that enough.
5) I’m not a motivational writer or speaker and I’m not one to portray any kind of fake glamour. I’m a human. I fuck up a lot. I struggle with a lot. I freak out when I’m not 100% in control or when I don’t know what the outcome of something will be. I respond out of fear A LOT. But my particular superpower (this will make more sense when you read the book) is transparency. I shine a light on my own struggles and talk through them with you all so that we can work through this together. Being a human is hard sometimes, friends. It’s okay to admit that.

6) This whole thing has been created to hold space for all of us dealing with this same stuff. You are not alone. We’re all in this. I have no intention of telling you, “Here! THIS is the magic pill! Do THIS and everything will be great!” That’s not what this is. But I do hope the stories I share – my own and tons of others’ – lift you up a bit.

That’s all folks. This is super surreal. Thanks for coming along on this ride. Go get the book!


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