Published author, day 3

Lala Angela 2I’ve spent the last three days at my publisher’s home, nicknamed The Author Castle, outside of Washington, D.C. On Thursday, my book launched. Within the first 24 hours, my book ended up in the top 1,000 in the Amazon Kindle store and hit #1 in pain management in the US (#2 in Australia in the same category), #1 in disorders and diseases in Japan, #1 in chronic pain in Canada, and #1 in pain therapy in Germany. It also seems to be holding pretty strong in the high ranks for Social Sciences in both Japan and the UK. So yes, I am officially an International Best Selling Author.

For the next two days, we did a deep dive for all that comes next – marketing to make sure my book ends up in the hands of those who need it and a thorough business plan so I understand exactly how to further serve my readers.  It’s been super empowering, and I’m excited to know exactly how I’m going to help these amazing women moving forward. Exciting things are a’comin!

For the next two weeks though, I require rest and am making myself take a time out from my own business. I can already anticipate how that’s going to go. While I’ll obviously still be working for JDRF, my intention is to do nothing else for my own business until the end of September. For the past four months I’ve been working around the clock and my body is screaming at me to slow down. I know how important it is to listen.

I am incredibly excited to share with you all what will be coming up next, but until then, enjoy some pictures from the last few days 🙂

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