I watched the bullshit documentary What the Health so you don’t have to.

TL:DR – this goddamn documentary kept me in a state of rage for about 30% of the thing, rolling my eyes for another 45%, and mumbling “fine, whatever, that’s valid” to myself for the other 25%.

I’ve yet to find a nutrition documentary that I think accurately represents the topic because Do-Your-Own-Research-Because-Every-Human-Body-Needs-Specific-Kinds-of-Fuel-and-You-Must-Learn-Whats-Best-For-Yours wouldn’t sell. These documentaries are designed to shock you because that’s how they get watched. That said, What The Health was particularly full of inaccuracies.

What set off my TOTAL bullshit alarm: 

  • The guy who made it has absolutely zero background in diet, nutrition, science, or academics other than being a self professed hypochondriac who clearly finds one section of information and hyper focuses on it, thinking it’s the end-all-be-all. Not only that, but he was specifically using soundbites from interviews that supported his original unresearched theory. He DID NOT go into this looking to collect information, then present accurate findings based on research. This is the kind of person who goes to Google, types in “the color blue causes cancer,” finds a few articles with people who agree with him, then makes a documentary about it.
  • He cited SO many studies as fact that have been disproved.
  • He cited SO many things as fact that are purely correlation (NOT causation) and not even remotely proven. #CorrelationNotCausation #PeerReviewedResearchNerd
  • The guy took studies on processed meat – which, no, is not good for you (not a lot of real food plus SUPER high levels of sodium) – and expanded those studies to ALL animal based proteins. That’s not how science works, buddy.
  • DIETARY FAT DOES NOT CREATE BODY FAT. *one more time for the people in the back* DIETARY FAT DOES NOT CREATE BODY FAT.
  • The bullshit he kept circling around to that all animal protein causes disease is completely inaccurate. In *some* bodies, it will. It *many* bodies, it won’t.
  • The entire time, as he was talking about diabetes, he was talking about type 2 diabetes. Personal gripe, but valid. #SaidtheTypeOneDiabetic
  • Every time he was calling an organization, then saying some sob story about getting no answers, he was calling the general help line, reaching a coordinator or receptionist who had no possible way to answer his questions.
  • All of the bullshit around “sugar isn’t bad at all” as he was scanning candy aisles in the grocery store was making me instantly enraged.
  • The statement one doctor made that “sugar doesn’t cause inflammation” is bullshit. Complete and total bullshit. ESPECIALLY when said in tandem with panning candy aisles.
  • The “countless studies” he cited that cow milk causes type 1 diabetes was ONE study that led to further studies about gut health and autoimmunity. But no, dairy does not directly cause autoimmune disease. NOT EVEN MUCH CORRELATION. NOT CAUSATION.
  • “Serving chicken at an American Diabetes Association event is like serving alcohol at an AA event.” WHAT THE FUCK, STEVE-O? No. Just, no. See also: since when is Steve-O a valid expert on literally anything at all?
  • What the human body was created to eat based on our teeth, our stomach structure, etc. is entirely dependent on whatever facts you choose to cite. You can “prove” that humans should be carnivorous the same way you can “prove” that humans should be vegan. It depends on what facts you look at.
  • The people who switched to a plant-based diet and achieved AMAZING results weren’t going from an otherwise healthy diet to plant-based. They were going from a lot of processed food and stuff they should never have been putting into their bodies to a drastically different and far healthier diet. That does not prove that vegan is the answer for everyone. That proves that processed shit isn’t the answer for anyone.
What was valid:
  • The premise that there is a tie between nutrition and health is 100% accurate. Food is fuel and every time you put food into your mouth you’re either feeding disease or fighting it.
  • The information he shared on PROCESSED meat was accurate.
  • The information he shared about the general effect environment, spray run-off, added antibiotics, etc. has on our food supply, including seafood, was accurate.
  • Yes, there are certain types of food (he talked about dairy, but sugar (natural and artificial) and wheat do the same) that are shown to have addictive qualities, which is why you tend to crave them and they will affect your brain chemical balance.
  • Man-made environmental toxins, particularly sprays and chemicals used in commercial farming, absolutely cause massive amounts of disease. Humans shouldn’t be around them or consume them.
  • His sections on commercial farming, the environmental issues it causes, and the truly disgusting meat we consume from it was absolutely accurate.
  • Food access and the impact of commercial farming on black communities is definitely a civil rights issue. No doubt about it. Look into food deserts too (not desserts – deserts).
  • His coming down on the American Diabetes Association for not being more clear that diet and type 2 diabetes are directly tied was pretty fair. What Dr. Ratner was *kind of* trying to say and FAILED at was that different people need different diets, so it would be entirely inaccurate and not medically or scientifically sound to say that a vegan diet would prevent or reverse type 2 diabetes. Every case of diabetes presents differently in each body, so a purely vegan diet will not work for EVERYONE but certainly has been proven to help some. For others, a paleo diet will be best. For others, focusing on low-carb will be best. People need to learn to eat for their own bodies.
  • The amount of money non-profits and medical organizations, including the USDA (by way of politicians whose campaigns get paid for by food lobbying organizations) and nutrition and dietetic certification organizations, accept from problematic food and pharmaceutical companies is absolutely an issue and creates major conflicts of interest that lead to bad information.
  • Yup, food industries spend A LOT of money marketing food that’s not at all good for them to eat to people, PARTICULARLY to kids (I STILL turn my head when I pass by Lunchables and Capri Sun). Fair rule: if the food is packaged or you’ve seen a commercial for it, you probably shouldn’t eat it. Food commercials are made to sell commercial products, not educate you.
  • The key for disease in the body is controlling inflammation. This was mentioned by guest interviews, quickly and in passing, twice. Know that this is KEY, but what causes inflammation in each person’s body is different. For me, gluten, sugar, and dairy cause inflammation but animal protein doesn’t. For you, red meat and alcohol might be what causes inflammation. Pay attention to your body and how you’re feeling. If you feel tired, bloated, depressed, or anything else negative in the hours or days after you eat a specific type of food, stop eating it. (Yes, this absolutely requires a lot of personal science experiments. It takes time but it’s worth it. Look up elimination diets.)
  • It’s true that that the large majority of doctors and medical professionals are never taught nutrition. Not even one class. So no, doctors will not typically be able to counsel you on using the food you eat to help manage your health.
  • In the end, eating more produce is a great umbrella rule. No harm in that. A plant-based diet is never a bad thing. Just be smart about where your plants are coming from (commercial agriculture is an issue too). And correct, eating plant-based doesn’t need to be even remotely expensive and athletes don’t necessarily always need animal protein to be in elite form.

That all said, do look into your food. I highly recommend making friends with local farmers who grow and care for food in ethical and healthy ways. Look up your local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) – they are a wonderful way to get safer and healthier food while supporting your local farmers. At some, you can even go visit the farm to see in what conditions your food is grown and raised.

If you want information about nutrition that has been heavily researched by academics and scientists and presented in an easily digestible (*ba dum tss*) way, read Eat the Yolks or go look at The Paleo Mom (for autoimmune paleo information) or Kris Carr (for vegan information).

It will always be important to eat for YOUR body and do your OWN research. Don’t buy into the hype, wherever it ends up popping up – Time Magazine, Netflix, your favorite aunt – whatever. People stay latching on to tiny bits of information then going down their own spiral because it sells and they can get attention for it.


11 thoughts on “I watched the bullshit documentary What the Health so you don’t have to.

  1. I liked how it showed some pathetic old woman barely able to walk, taking all sorts of pills, then 2 weeks later, she was walking and smiling, and totally healthy; and all because she went vegan! Yeah right! I understand camera trickery. All they did was put her in a more flattering dress, cake her face with make up, and claim she’s now healed because of veganism. They probably filmed that on the same day…

    I’m very interested in the possible health benefits of veganism, in fact, I read the China Study, which was a fascinating book, but documentaries like this completely turn me off with their disingenuous nonsense. I was watching another netflix documentary on health, and it was showing all these different people that became either vegan, or whatever else, and they were all bragging about how beautiful their skin had become since switching to these healthy diets (mostly vegan) and ALL OF THEM had about an inch of fucking makeup on… I’m just amazed how these documentaries are so disingenuous, and people eat it up.. fucking unreal…


  2. Oh Jeremiah, if only you knew what you are talking about. I used to weigh 348 lbs, and dropped to 233 lbs. Guess how I did it. Lots and lots of chicken, turkey and eggs. Yes, obviously I ate a lot of veggies, and being vegan might be great for you and other smug vegans who have turned their dietary lifestyle into a religious cult, feeling the need to convert others and shaming them. I used to eat breads, sweets, sodas, and mostly bullshit cards that got me fat and feeling like shit. Eating clean whole foods, which includes red meat, poultry, and wild caught fish, is the way to go. Vegans might be thin, but they’re weak, with weak immune systems. Humans need animal proteins. They’ve been getting them for thousands of years. Nobody is denying that plant “based” diets are healthy, but what we’re saying is that this documentary, if you can call it, totally led about so many aspects. Comparing processed meats to all meats, or to cigarettes is just irresponsible. The film makers were obviously on a mission to propagate veganism, and vilifying any other diet. I mean I actually laughed out loud when they had “doctors” saying fat causes cancer and diabetes. Pseudoscience at its finest. But you go ahead and believe the nonsense this documentary spews. People like LaLa and myself know the truth. Keep living in your bubble of misinformation and biased ideology.


  3. Jeremiah, you never asked if I feel badly (and assumed I need to feel better) or what I do eat and you assumed I do and have always eaten meat and dairy. If you read for comprehension rather than to sling uninformed comments around on stranger’s posts, you’d have understood that my primary point is that people should learn to eat for themselves and their bodies rather than buying into scare tactics and unresearched information. Is vegan best for some bodies? Absolutely. Are other nutrition plans better for other people? Completely. But you’re here assuming things about strangers rather than actually reading the post and I’m honestly not sure why you feel the need.


  4. oh look, an article written by a fat person who gets defensive about their dietary preferences. wake up lady, there are tons of peer reviewed research to support the claims in the documentary. add some plants and exercise to your life and you’ll be shape you wish you had.


      1. nope – but if you stopped eating meat and dairy i guarantee you’d feel better 🙂

        Everyone who is vegan used to eat meat, used to get defensive when people told them all the negative shit that comes with a standard diet.

        Perfectly ok for you to continue to eat meat and dairy, but when you’re out of shape and in denial that your dietary preferences are a factor in that – you lose all credibility.

        I promise if you went plant based, you’d realize how stupid your article really is ms. Lala Jackson…



  5. HERE, HERE. Amen to everything you just said. Finding it hard to understand why this inflammatory POS documentary is so popular. It’s so sensationalistic I can’t take it seriously, and it’s downright disrespectful to compare things to 9/11.

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    1. Thanks for reading! And agreed! Whenever someone can spin people into a state of fear, they can get those people to act. That’s 100% what this has done. From a business perspective, I get why Netflix/his production companies like the film maker so much but it’d be great if he could put his energy behind doing proper research to create something just as impactful but also accurate and helpful.


      1. People like the documentary maker are activists. They have an axe to grind. It’s what drives their passion and gets them out of bed to make documentaries. Sadly, research and facts get in the way of this. Besides, good storytelling requires an antagonist, a bad guy, the villain, so these activists see that out.


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