$2,000 for 20 years with T1D

I’m fundraising for JDRF because I believe in their vision of a world without type 1 diabetes (T1D). Almost 20 years ago, after having lost 30 pounds in a month and almost going into a coma, I was diagnosed with T1D at 4am on Thanksgiving morning as I was carried into the emergency room.

Because of progress made possible by JDRF – the leading global organization for T1D research and advocacy – I have gone from 3 insulin shots per day to an insulin pump, which works kind of like a mini-IV, that more closely mimics a human pancreas to give me insulin 24/7. 

I have gone from 7 finger sticks a day to check my blood sugar to a continuous glucose monitor sensor, a small sensor right under my skin, that checks my blood sugar every 5 minutes and allows me to have better control of my health – plus an alarm that wakes me up in the middle of the night before a low blood sugar could lead me to passing away in my sleep.

I have gone from being regularly told that my blood sugar levels were leading to a life of blindness, kidney failure, and amputation to having controlled blood sugar numbers that show a future unlikely to have any long-term complications.

When I was first diagnosed, having type 1 diabetes meant I would die decades early, would never be able to have kids, and could count on a diminished quality of life. Now, I’m just a bit bionic, but I have all the tools and resources to live whatever life I want.

That is ALL due to the tireless work and research funding of JDRF. Every single piece of it.

So today, I’m asking you to join me in raising $2,000 in honor of 20 years of living with this disease. Despite all of the advances, it is still such a heavy burden – one that challenges me, scares me, wakes me up with blood sugar alarms every night, and reminds me that my life depends on little vials of lethal medicine that must be dosed at the exact right amount or I will die.

Your donated dollars get us closer to a world where type 1 diabetes no longer exists. Will you join me?

Please support my fundraiser by making a donation today.

Thank you!

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