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The case for weighing yourself every day.

weighI weigh myself most mornings to better understand when my body is responding to something with inflammation, or when my body is responding well to something I’ve added to my routine.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I was only able to start doing this in a mentally healthy way AFTER I identified that my body was having massive issues with inflammation as a result of food I have an autoimmune response to but didn’t know. When I first went to a gastroenterologist to try to explain that this is what I thought was going on he said, “No, you’re just fat.”

It took a LOT to not beat myself up based on what he said. I took the research into my own hands because I knew that there was something causing all my weight gain, puffiness, pain, and fatigue; not the other way around. The autoimmune paleo protocol got me through what the doctor refused to see.

Things that I’ve learned make my weight go up/make me hold on to inflammation:
🔸NOT drinking enough water
🔸not getting a full night of sleep
🔸stress, injuries or sickness
🔸medications like antibiotics or sleep aids
🔸processed foods or restaurant food with hidden sugars in sauces, etc.
🔸food with a lot of salt content like pork
🔸foods I am personally intolerant to – like corn, dairy, rice, eggs, nightshades like white potatoes, etc. – or allergic to – like pineapple, cranberries, sesame seeds, etc.

Things that help my body release inflammation/not feel and look bloated and keep me heading toward my leanness goal:
🔸drinking 100oz+ of water every day
🔸getting 8+ hours of sleep a night
🔸high intensity interval training with heavy weights
🔸SUPER clean eating, with a veggie-heavy diet, limiting starchy or sugary produce (grains or fruit) that tend to make my belly bloated (and my face puffy!)
🔸stress management, like meditation or just spending time outside and laughing with friends

When you learn to see your weight as a piece of information from which to work, your scale becomes your ally, not your trigger.

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