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I wrecked my gut health in my 20s.

lala3In my first full-time job out of college, I sat next to my department’s “snack fridge” that we filled with diet coke, string cheese, and peppermint patties. I had Subway for lunch almost every day. Healthy, right? Low carb snacks and tuna/veggie sandwiches?

Meanwhile my gut was SCREAMING at me because of all of the processed bread, dairy, and sugar alcohols.

In my next few jobs, I developed a chai latte and bagel with cream cheese morning habit, then wouldn’t be able to focus and would absolutely crash by 2pm every day. I had to learn, through a LOT of error, that this “fuel” was anything but.

These days, I’m in the office about 2-3 days a week (I work from home the rest of the week – I’m really lucky to work for JDRF – they understand my immune system’s need to rest).
On the days when I am in office, I REALLY concentrate on proper fuel that supports my gut, and therefore my brain (post coming soon on how important gut health is for your mental health) – if I have coffee, it’s usually black with maybe a splash of plant-based “milk” (hemp, almond, coconut).

I focus on protein for my meals and snacks because carbs make my blood sugar rise, which makes me sleepy. I don’t have anything heavy for lunch or I’ll hit that mid-afternoon slump. And whenever I can, I do a massive nutrition infusion around mid-day/early-afternoon – a salad, spinach-based “juice”, etc.

I try not to bog down my stomach with too much to process, too much heaviness, or sugar/sugar-alcohols that will wipe out good gut flora.

I’ve also really noticed that if I don’t have enough water throughout the day, my body and mind starts to slow down too – your body needs a constant supply of water to keep processing and trucking along.

If you’re tired throughout the day (which does tend to lead to not sleeping at night, annoyingly enough), I would bet that nutrition is your culprit.

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