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It’s not about cutting out bad food.

Lala4The best advice I’ve gotten about eating for health was from Kris Carr, who said something along the lines of:

Instead of trying to cut out “bad” food, focus on eating nutritious food more often; over time the good will crowd out the not so good.

Too many of us focus on cutting out the not so good stuff we eat; that leads to a feeling of depriving ourselves of the things we like. It feels like we’re punishing ourselves, so OF COURSE we don’t stick to the good habits.
Instead, focus on adding more healthy, nutritious foods into your diet. Make sure you start every day with something with protein that is nutritionally packed – for me it’s Isagenix vegan shakes, but you can do all kinds of smoothies, overnight oatmeal, chia seed “pudding” with fruit, quiches, etc. (more info later this month on how to learn what food approach – vegan, Paleo, whatever else – works for you).

Starting your day with a punch of vitamins and healthy protein fuels your muscles and brain (more info on how protein supports brain health later this month too), giving you energy and programming your brain and taste buds to crave more healthy foods throughout the day.

Over time, making these conscious, healthy choices will become habit. The more you eat them, the more you’ll crave them. In a month, you’ll look back and realize that your food choices have slowly changed.

It’s about rewarding your body with nutrients and fuel, not restricting yourself. It’s a mindset shift, but a vital one to your long-term progress.

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