Exercising isn’t my weight loss key.

Because I’ve lost 50 pounds so far, I get a lot of questions about my workout plan. Truthfully, I don’t have one. At all. I just go with what sounds fun at the time.

Because while nutrition has been 98% of the key for my body getting healthier, exercising – even if it’s as simple as an hour walk around my neighborhood – is the biggest factor in my mental health. I eat well mainly for my body, but I have to keep moving for my mind.

Not only does moving my body help boost endorphins and serotonin, keeping me calmer and able to better deal with stress (and helping my immune system deal with stessors too!), but reminding myself what my body can do reminds me that I’m a strong – physically and mentally.

I was a major athlete up until a persistent wrist injury took me out after my sophomore year in high school. I was gunning for the Junior Olympics US Rowing team and, in the summer before my injury finally made me have to give up the sport entirely, I spent 4-6 hours a day, 5 days a week on the water.

Before rowing was basketball – I started playing on teams when I was 5 – and you couldn’t get me to stay inside when I was a kid. I was always out climbing something or playing tag.

I think that’s the aspect we tend to lose when we get older. Using and moving our bodies goes from something we get to do, something to play and have fun in, to something we have to do, have to schedule in.

The work outs I love most now are the fun ones. That’s what’s going to get me going. The ones I laugh through (look up Raneir Pollard’s Pop Sugar workouts on YouTube for a good exercise/ab workout from laughing duo), the ones where I get to marvel at what my body can do (like kickboxing, or the Nike Training Club app’s HIIT workouts), or the ones where I forget I’m working out because I’m just with friends having fun, like when we were out shooting hoops on Saturday taking advantage of the weather.

Channel your inner Amazon, Dora Milage or Beyonce at #beychella and warrior it up/take on the world/slay.

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