Just saying hi

lalaLooking like it’s time to do a new hello, nice to meet you!

I’m Lala 👋🏼 I’ve lived in Brooklyn for a little over two years but I grew up bouncing between Hawaii and Seattle, went to college in Miami, and did my baby adulthood in Atlanta.

Having type 1 diabetes since I was 10 and a whole host of other autoimmune issues since my mid-20s has taught me courage, to be incredibly in tune with my body and its needs, and sent me toward a lot of really fascinating research on neuroscience as a way to understand our thought patterns, nutrition for immune health, ACTUAL self care (not just Instagram’s version of a bath and a face mask), and other awesome things to help us be well.

I pay that forward with my book Beyond Powerful, all about the superpowers we gain from a life with chronic illness, as a one-on-one personal chronic health coach for people who need a bit of extra help navigating a rough time with their health or want to reach a next level of sustainable wellness ( and by working at @jdrfhq
It took me a WHILE – and a lot of coaching, a lot of digging deep, and a lot of trial and error – to get to a point where I learned how to manage my energy enough to help others. That work is vital. It cannot be skipped (believe me, I tried, and it made me really sick). I’ll tell you more about that soon.

I love to write, paint, be in nature (I am not a city girl in the slightest, although I do appreciate it’s randomness), laugh at really dumb jokes, dance, find new music, and if I could be on a beach for the rest of my life, I would be perfectly content.

You can usually find me wearing the brightest of colors. I thank my five years in Miami for that one.

I have 6 tattoos; they’re my bravery armor. They all have messages to remind me to be strong.

Don’t be shy, say hi! What’s something cool about you?

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