What you focus on, grows. (aka, maybe your perspective sucks.)

Imagine what you’re doing to your brain if, for days, weeks, months, years, you are repeating the story – I am sick. This is hard. I’m tired. Everything hurts.

Imagine how much it fucks with your brain to HAVE to repeat that story to doctors in order to get them to believe your symptoms. To explain to your friends and family, over and over again, why you’re not up for doing XYZ thing.

Imagine how much, in the struggle to know your experience is valid, that this isn’t just in your head, that what you’re going through is real, you have to ground yourself in that reality.

In having to tell your sickness story over and over again just to be seen, heard, or understood, how many times have you emphasized to yourself just how sick you are?

When we ALWAYS talk about our health and its lack – whether from necessity, habit, or both, we are barraging our brain with sickness. Our health experiences are valid, but what is the cost of proving that? And why are you working so hard to prove it when you know it’s real.

Getting doctors to listen to you is vitally important – fire the doctors who don’t and keep it moving.

Receiving validation from our friends and family – knowing that they truly hear and see the weight of what we’re going through is important as well, but the people who get it, get it. The people who don’t, won’t.

Where’s your mental camera pointing? To the darkest parts of you, only showing them to yourself? Or to the brightest parts, bringing those parts of you to the forefront of your mind?

Choosing to focus on the brightest parts is a process. If you force the thought, it won’t feel real. But slowly shifting creates impactful change in your brain over time.

Choose a middle thought. Instead of “I am in pain all the time; it’s never going away.” maybe “I feel best in the middle of the day. In those moments, I can focus on my creativity, and that makes me happy.”

Simple shifts move mountains over time.


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