Word magic comes at a cost, you see…

I’ve spent the last year writing for myself rather than for a validating audience. It’s allowed me to uncover parts of my core I had changed over the past few decades in an attempt to earn acceptance and inclusion.

Part of grounding back into myself has been working on my first novel. A challenging experience, given I never thought I had any talent in writing fiction but have since realized I just never learned how. I’m aiming for a zero draft by my 33rd birthday on April 3rd, and a final polished first draft to start pitching to agents by the end of 2020.

But while I’m here, I wanted to share a few quotes from a book I read last month, Alix Harrow’s gorgeous The Ten Thousand Doors of January. They have become major comforts through my writing process.

“Words and their meanings have weight in the world of matter, shaping and reshaping realities through a most convenient alchemy.”

“Even my own writing – so damnably powerless – may have yet enough power to reach the right person and tell the right truth, and change the nature of things.”

“Word magic comes at a cost, you see, as power always does. Words draw their vitality from their writers, and thus the strength of a word is limited by the strength of its human vessel.”