Angels + Super Weird Humans

Type: Free write | Genre: Speculative Fiction | Date: May 18, 2022 | Author: Lala Jackson

What we do doesn’t make sense. On paper, sure. Protect the humans. Try to provide a little order to their chaos. Give ‘em lil’ reminders of hope, like the twenty-dollar bill they forgot was in their spring jacket or a card from their great aunt Marge that just happens to show up on a rough day.

It’s not a hard job. We go through a few weeks of training anyway. Big boss has to sign off and such.

But the whole ‘access to the divine’ thing makes arranging cosmic coincidences pretty standard.

Here’s the thing though: humans?
Super weird.

You ever sit near the entrance of a mall and watch human after human after human push the door that’s marked pull? Like, they will have JUST SEEN the person twenty feet ahead of them do the same thing but nope, push on the pull door.

They do that kinda stuff all the time.

But there’s super sweet moments too. They’re so attached to each other. I think I’ll never get over that part, no matter how many more millennia I keep this gig. I think it’s something about their lives being so short. It all feels fleeting to them. 


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