Book 2

Of COURSE I’m already writing book number two, because, you know, why not?

Book #2 is all about courageous women and how we cultivate bravery to be stronger leaders, change-makers, and general badasses. I’ll be diving into:

  1. the psychology and science of courage and how you develop it and
  2. unknown stories of powerhouse women over the last century who have made impacts on their families/communities/etc.

And that’s where I need your help. Nominate your favorite badass woman to be interviewed for this as-of-yet-unnamed project.

Please feel free to nominate anyone who identifies as a woman across all cultural, social, economic, religious, ethnic, etc. backgrounds, alive or dead (please be prepared to connect me with someone who can tell their story if it’s the latter). Please also feel free to nominate yourself.

To nominate someone, drop a few lines about your story to