It’s just sex.

There tend to be two ways that young women are taught to think about sex. I’d argue that neither is correct. They are: Don’t. Protect your virtue. I mean… it’s your decision. Obviously. But *shrug* do you REALLY want to be known as *that* girl? Do you want people to talk? I mean, I’m justContinue reading “It’s just sex.”

Does my disease make me a burden?

I’m in Barbados with my best friend, riding shotgun in her mom’s Jeep, guiding my hand and arm to ride a wave of air out the window as we jet down the highway from the west coast back to her family’s house in the south. It’s the last day of my holiday stay and we’ve beenContinue reading “Does my disease make me a burden?”

Fathers be good to your daughters.

My dad’s name was Rick Jones. He married my mom when she was 18. I think he was 29. Or 27. Older than her at least, in a way that makes me wonder about the much older men that I dated when I was too young to do so, and why they didn’t put theContinue reading “Fathers be good to your daughters.”

In which I shrink myself.

I am not a physically small person. I’m 5’9″, towering six inches above the world’s average woman. My shoulders are broad and strong, my hips wide, my thighs solid and touching on the inside. I wear a size 10 shoe. I am muscular, dense. Unfeminine? I am not a mentally small person. I speak with conviction. I am a voraciousContinue reading “In which I shrink myself.”