Chronic Health Coaching

Lala Jackson CoachI became a chronic health coach because of my own chronic illness journey. Over the course of 20+ years, sometimes I was absolutely fine and sometimes I was completely sidelined by my health, unable to function. Through it all, I learned how to pick myself up again, how to navigate life with health hurdles, and just how many other powerhouse women live with the same.

It’s why I wrote Beyond Powerful: Your Chronic Illness is Not Your Kryptonite – to put tools in the hands of such immensely brave women. But I recognize that a book can’t solve everything, which is why I’ve taken the tools I’ve gathered over 20+ years of navigating life with chronic illness and decided to share them in a more personal way – via one-on-one personalized chronic health coaching.


If this is you, let’s work together.
  • You feel like every time you run toward a goal, you get sidelined by your health. It pisses you off, but more so, it is deeply saddening. This weight of exhaustion and frustration feels like it will never leave.
  • Your health has a frustrating impact on your current quality of life – you miss being able to show up in your work the way you want, being able to go out with family and friends instead of always having to choose rest. But even scarier, if this continues down the same road, you worry about what it means for your future dreams and goals.
  • When you are forced to take time off to pay attention to your health, you know it’s deeply important, but you can’t shake that feeling that other people see you as a slacker. You know you’re not making excuses, but when your health crashes you feel like you can’t keep up. You know you are driven, resilient, and powerful, but on the days when you get wiped out, you feel anything but.
  • Scrolling through everyone’s #SelfCare posts on Instagram has started earning the most severe of eye rolls from you. You wouldn’t wish these health hurdles on anyone, but it would be so nice if people understood that a bath and a pedicure are not going to solve this for you.
  • You’re tired, you’re overwhelmed, and – while it would be great to wake up magically healthy – you’d settle for the mental weight of your wellness not being so impossible to drag along. You know that if you just had the toolkit to make this all a little easier to manage, you could keep going at the pace your dreams require.
If each of those hit you with a “yes,” let’s talk.

We’ll work as a team to get you to a balanced place where your health is getting the proper attention it needs – because you are worthy of true care – but where it is no longer running your life.

You know your body best; my job is to support you with all the tools you need to strengthen your total physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

We’ll tackle the real junk – the frustrations, any destructive habits that you had to pick up just to stay alive but are no longer serving you, the fears, and the worries – to get you to a place of ease and peace.

My true goal is that you outgrow me.

That you no longer need me to walk by your side in this because you have become the master of your own body. But until then, I am here to carry this weight with you.

Let’s start by having an introductory video chat. We’ll talk through what you’re facing and set a plan for the shifts we can make together if we decide we are a good fit.

Schedule your 30 minute introductory video chat.