Host a Superpowers Workshop!

The in-person version of my book’s message is a speech/workshop combination called Harnessing Your Superpowers. The session can be tailored to your audience, format, and time allowed, but should be at least one hour in total. A sample framework could be:

Sample Audience: Rising Student Leaders on a College Campus
Sample Agenda:

  • 5-10 minutes icebreaker
  • 20-30 minute speech to set up challenges -> superpowers
  • 10-15 minutes individual, partnered, or group workshop
  • 10-20 minutes sharing superpowers & next steps to carry forward

A note on audience: The message and workshop best fits ages 15-30, but could be tailored to a more professional audience. I do not recommend it for younger ages unless it is a very special group, as they may not be ready or equipped to dive into some of the harder things in their lives, which is where we find our superpowers.

A note on agenda: I most enjoy giving more time to work-shopping than to my speaking on my own. The best case scenario for work-shopping is my speech (15-40 minutes, depending on time allotted), followed by 10-20 minutes of individual, partnered, or group work. I am available to work with the audience members during this time, and this time is also well served by having a few facilitators in the room to talk through participant ideas and help them work through life experiences and the superpowers gained from them.

The real magic comes in the last portion of the workshop, where participants share their superpowers with the group. Again, this is dependent on time allotted. The best case scenario allows smaller groups of participants to share with their groups or with the entire audience. However, as you can see in the video below, this also works with a smaller group sharing their superpowers with the audience in a shorter allotted time.

A note on content: the speech below is catered to an audience of college students and young professionals living with type 1 diabetes, which I have had since I was 10. However, I prefer delivering this message to a slightly broader audience. You’ll notice that each of the messages are certainly applicable to anyone who has been through a challenge. I offer this caveat because – while I am certainly open to serving whomever needs this message most, I find it very draining to speak about chronic illness specifically and it is therefore not a sustainable speech for me to deliver. However, speaking to more general audiences is something I truly enjoy, and would love the opportunity to pursue!

For questions, to book me as a speaker, or comments, email Thanks!

Closing Keynote at national Students with Diabetes Conference
Tampa, Florida
May 27, 2018