What it was like for a white woman to watch Black Panther.

In case you missed it, a movie called Black Panther came out last week and it is uh… kind of a big deal.

I saw the movie in New York on opening night, surrounded by excited fellow movie-goers adorned in kente cloth and other African prints. So what was it like for me, as a white woman, watching Black Panther?

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Don’t talk about us without us.

Don’t talk about us without us.

It’s a phrase I first heard from Maysoon Zayid, a Palestinian comedian who lives with cerebral palsy (whose story I told in my book) and is an advocate for representation – of Muslims, the disabled, and anyone else otherwise underrepresented – in media.

I’m fairly certain I shouted “YES!”  at the screen when I read it. When it comes to living with chronic illness, I don’t want to hear or see the opinions of those who don’t live with this burden in places that are supposed to be held for us who do. It’s not that I don’t value them as people or value their opinion. But they have their own space – a lot of it – and they cannot fully understand what living in my space means. Well-intentioned opinions formed from lack of experience are useless at best and can be immensely damaging. Continue reading Don’t talk about us without us.