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In which I shrink myself.

I am not a physically small person. I’m 5’9″, towering six inches above the world’s average woman. My shoulders are broad and strong, my hips wide, my thighs solid and touching on the inside. I wear a size 10 shoe. I am muscular, dense. Unfeminine?

I am not a mentally small person. I speak with conviction. I am a voracious learner. I am passionate, obstinate, and just a tiny bit outspoken. My ego runs away with itself sometimes. Often. I am aggressive about my integrity and I cannot be convinced to do anything I don’t feel is right. Too much?

I am not a spiritually small person. The universe is my guide; I am its entertainment, but it’s still a fan. It knows I am strong-willed and it allows me to be so, and when it just can’t take my charging in the clearly wrong direction anymore it hits me over the head and brings me back. I am shown my way by energy. I call in my angels when I am in despair. I am protected and loved and sheltered by spirits. Unreachable? Continue reading “In which I shrink myself.”