AboutPageLalaJacksonI’m Lala Jackson and I write about chronic disease, social issues that affect strong ass women, and all of these invisible battles we all fight every day.

I’m also the internationally best-selling author of the book Beyond Powerful: Your Chronic Illness is Not Your Kryptonite. I’ve been navigating this world since I was 10 years old and diagnosed with the autoimmune disease type 1 diabetes. I use two machines – an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor, both of which are attached to my body 24/7 – to keep myself alive. Having an illness interrupts; it demands to follow it’s own rules and makes itself known at the most inopportune times. However, chronic disease doesn’t run my life. I love adventures, always have more than a few projects in the works, and don’t know how to do much of anything halfway.

I live in Brooklyn, do work for a non-profit with a mission to cure type 1 diabetes, and love traveling to literally anywhere with a swim-able beach, exploring anywhere new or all the nooks and crannies of my own city, going on random adventures, throwing paint on a canvas, or flat out sleeping. Because knowing when to rest is everything.

I grew up between Hawaii and Washington State, graduated from the University of Miami in Florida with a communications degree, have a heart for all things multicultural, and am obsessed with recognizing all of us who are beyond powerful – because chasing dreams while living with chronic disease is no small task. I’m also a Gryffindor.

I host personal and group workshops, speak, and lend my writing to other platforms. To learn more, book me as a speaker, or request a guest piece, email lala@lalajackson.com.

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Photography of Lala Jackson on this site is by John Arthur Photography.